Favorite song: N/A

Wiz Khalifa: “That was a great CD. I think he did one CD before that but that was like his most complete project. As far as sound, he was just really on it when he made that one. I enjoyed all of his other projects, but that was just my favorite one from him.

“I was totally riding the bus listening to that. All summer listening to it just non-stop. Even into the winter. That was my go-to CD when I was leaving the crib and I had to have that one. I don’t know if I’m able to pick my favorite song off of there, the whole thing was just tight. I know song names that stand out as my favorites, but it’s not just like one favorite song on there.

“I left [the lyrics] open for interpretation on that album. I didn’t try and take anything too literal, like the stuff that I understood or the stuff that made sense. And anything else, I just left it up to the fact that I felt like he knew what he was talking about.

“I was happy when I found out [that the Ghostface blog that dissed me] wasn’t really him. But even if it was him, I just let it go and I’d feel exactly the same way about him. I know how to separate my respect level from anything personal. I love Ghostface’s music and I’ve got hella respect for him as a rapper. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t even really speak on that.”