Frank Ocean "Songs For Women"

Frank Ocean: "Drake reached out to me when the record came out and paid me a compliment about the sound of it. I respect Drake not only as a creative person, but as a business mind as well. I think Drake’s important. The moral of the story is Drake’s ill, and I’m ill.

"When I talk about the girl listening to Drake and Trey Songz on 'Songs For Women,' that was more in sarcasm, and in jest, than it was in seriousness. I don’t think any person in a serious relationship is threatened by the person on the radio. It’s just a cool detail. It’s not like you’re going to go off on your girl because she’s listening to whoever. That doesn’t make any sense. That’s some other shit. Like, you’ll fuck with your girl. You might poke fun at her like, 'You know I be recording and shit, but you don’t listen to my shit like that.' It’s funny. The shit doesn’t make it to a serious point, ever."