Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “‘When the Last Time’ is a record that people always try to get me to do. I never do it and I hate it. It was probably my highest charting record ever and I hate it. It did everything it was supposed to do, but it was a little bit more conventional. It had that pop thump. You can kinda tell records when you perform them on stage and it was like, ‘Man, for some reason this don’t got the street thump.’ And I’m performing this record for street people so it’s like, ‘Eh. Whatever.’ It’s just a matter of personal taste. I’m sure everyone else disagrees with me. Pharrell would probably end this call if he heard me saying that. And my brother is like, ‘Why don’t you wanna perform it if people are asking for it?’ And, I’m like “Eh, nah.”

“I shot the video at home though and I remember some guys at my video shoot hating while my mother was there. She was so upset. They weren’t even stepping to me. While we were shooting, some guys were on set saying, ‘This shit wack. This shit stupid.’ Local rappers that hadn’t really seen anything like this before and didn’t know how to just be a part of it. They did something crazy in front of my moms and at the moment, I couldn’t deal with it. I was in a frenzy and by the time I calmed down, other people were like, ‘You know what, I can’t let this go.’ They couldn’t let it go and they had to let it go because it was just gonna get too crazy.

“Something newsworthy was going to happen. [Laughs.] It was gonna be a fight all right, they probably would’ve been fighting for their lives. [Laughs.] Like really crazy and I was like, ‘This really can’t happen with my mother here. It can’t.’ I had to tell a few people, ‘This cannot happen. My mother is here.’ And, please for the life of me, the guys had to leave. The director Diane Martel threatened to shut down the shoot if anybody hurt those boys that were leaving. She was like, ‘Listen, I’m not gonna be a part of this.’ It was wild.”