Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T: “‘I’m Not You’ was just our proclamation that we are actually out here physically in the street. And you rap guys are fine, but I have a whole other motivation and these lyrics come from a very real place. Back then there was just so much going on. Like the introduction of hiding illegal things in cars. I think maybe somebody had just bought a stash car.

“That also just had a lot with me being a fan of The Lox. I just loved everything they stood for and I was like, ‘Man, I can’t get these guys on a record? Are you serious?’ I’m from Virginia so I didn’t know no New York rappers or nothing. So, it was simply just a reach, the label way. It was nothing too friendly or anything like that. It was just kinda like, ‘Yo, I would love for you to be on this, please?’ I couldn’t even get on New York mixtapes back then. Luckily they came through. They made that record really classic.”