Produced by: Cool & Dre

Pusha T: “That’s one of my best verses. ‘If he claim king and he claim best, then I guess you can call me God.’ I was talking about T.I and Wayne. He was king. He was best. They took all the great names. They took all the great monikers. [Laughs.] I’m like, ‘If he claims king, I can’t have that. And if he claims best, I can’t have that. Then just call me God.’ That was my logic in it. That was me in a competitive mode and I was like fuck it.

“I was so mad about that record. I felt it was such a big record, but I also felt like they should have made the hook more repetitive. When you have a song that good and a hook that good, the verses should be hot but you shouldn’t sacrifice good verses and lose the song value of it as well. It has to be a balance. I felt like it was very verse heavy and not enough hooks."