Mobroder is the latest brainchild from Spank Rock, HOFF, and Blu Jemz, a concept project loosely based on Cerrone's classic Love in C MINOR. The project blends skits and dialogue to take you back to 1983 Miami, and a time when the titular character has come upon hard times after years in the fast lane. Mobroder faces a new European disco sound that threatens to end his career, and this is the story of Mobroder and his quest to climb back to the top and win back the love of his life.

Mobroder features an all-star cast including Amanda Blank, Maluca, Hussle Club, Da Hardy Boys, Gumshoe, Eli Escobar, Posso, and Roxy Cottontail. It has been remixed by Flagranti, Shazam, Nile Delta, and Turotito. You can download the full mix at