When The-Dream teased the release of his fourth album on "Sex Intelligent (Remix):" "6.7.2011, I'mm drop that Love Affair," we thought that may have been the ultimate easter egg. Looks like Terius will hold us on his word. The June release date is still intact and Dream's cashing in all his chips on this upcoming project. The previously titled Love Affair will now officially be titled The Love, IV said The-Dream in a recent interview with MTV News. He's also hoping for an all-star guest appearance line-up for the project.

"This album is gonna have more features, which is unique for me, 'cause I usually don't carry a lot of features—I'm calling it out now. I'm cashing in my chips. I'm gonna try to get everybody, Wayne, [Kanye], Jay, Drake, Mary, anybody that I've worked with or [loaned] a hand to, I'm trying to get on my album." The-Dream can't leave rap R&B alone, the games needs you.