Year: 1993
Produced By: A-Plus
Album: 93 'til Infinity
Label: Jive

"93 'til Infinity" is an undeniably dope laid-back track from a crew reppin' a city—Oakland—that gets "a little hectic," as they point out in the intro. Despite haling from a place best known for its aggressive gangsta rap and high crime rate, The Hieroglyphics crew provided a nice contrast to all the chaos, cusswords, and sideshows. Making the biggest national impact from Hiero was the four man crew of A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai, collectively known as The Souls Of Mischief. Their emphasis on innovative rhyme schemes, and having fun, resonated from coast to coast and was on full display here. Their lyrics were witty, funny, and playful, while their chemistry and ease passing the microphone in mid-verse proved to be irresistible and sounded amazing.

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