Lil B: "I feel like I'm that new age. Real futuristic grimy shit. But it's like, now niggas will step up to where you're respectably dressed, you're well-mannered, but you're still thuggin'. You know right from wrong, but you still thuggin', though. You can be thuggin' at heart, but you don't gotta be literally thuggin' in the streets and hurtin' people and doin' shit. But you could be real at the heart. You can have the tiniest pants ever. You can do it in the most square way. You can do it like a nerd or whatever. None of that matters because you can remain you and remain real regardless. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I look at myself like that goon. The first goon ever to have a baby pink shirt and that respectability. And they gotta respect it. You gotta respect it because they can't act like you're not from the hood and ain't really done it.

That's exactly where Bitch Mob comes from. I'm doing shit to piss niggas off. 'Cause you know niggas gon' be mad. You know motherfuckers be like, 'We don't fuck with that pretty bitch shit.' Alright, well I'm gonna keep going and you're gonna have to respect it because I'm still real and I been real so I can make jokes. I can make fun of myself and fuck whoever hatin' on that shit. I'm not gonna stop ranting until I'm gone."