Odds: 12 to 1
Complex says: We caught some flack for our leaving all of these artists off our “Complex’s 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011” list. The reason we did though was because the only thing we’re anticipating from these albums are pushbacks and delays. Jeezy and Game spent all of last year trying to get some momentum for their albums, but after several "singles" (read: false starts) didn't pan out for either artist, we realized that these guys have an uphill battle ahead of them. Meanwhile, as much as we love Dipset and Slaughterhouse, no one can deny the fact that either one of them have a record deal right now. Yeah, we know they're both trying to sign to the house Jimmy Iovine built, but we’re not sure there’s enough room and/or cash for both groups there. Besides, we already know Slaughterhouse is prone to label drama so who knows when their situation will be resolved? Finally, Jay Electronica may be able to rap circles around most rappers, but he’s proven to be less than reliable when it comes to releasing actual music (he only released a handful of songs last year). We’re not saying we aren’t looking forward to these albums if and when they do drop, we’re just saying we doubt they’ll drop until these guys all get a record deal, start releasing music, and make some hits.