Pusha T: Listen, First 48 is the best TV show ever. I think the reality of First 48 is what makes it great. Also, it's suspenseful the whole way through. There are no dead moments in it because subconsciously everybody is counting down. Everybody knows that after a day or two there is a likelihood that at the end of the show it's gonna say we haven't found blahzay blahzay blah. So subconsciously you're counting on the mystery to get solved and you're watching that. And then it's watching the reality set in on these people. Young, old, black, white—when they've committed these crimes, they come in with all of the toughest guys in the world, and then watching them sit in that room and letting the detective break them down the way that they do. When that reality sets in, man, there ain't nothing like it. It ain't nothing like sitting back watching it. And, the funny part about it is half the time those detectives don't have anything. And it's like detective is really just picking at their brain and picking at the conscience of those people that have done something probably horrifically wrong. So when you watch them break down, that shit is amazing to me. I love it.

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