Album: Thank Me Later
Best line: "Maybe it was the fast-paced switch-up, or the two guns in my face during the stick-up/Maybe cause the girl I thought I trusted was who set the whole shit up."
Complex says: It’s a tough call picking between the second and third verses on “The Resistance.” Both are excellent, emotional guilt trips as reality sets in on young Aubrey Graham and he’s forced to deal with everything from his grandmother’s living conditions to abortions by past lovers to having guns shoved in his face. We give the slightest of advantages to the third verse because he not only admits to being stuck up, but he even admits he was set up by a woman he trusted. In more ways than one, his entire demeanor is a violation of the machismo typical of so many rappers. But ultimately that raw emotion, stripped of any gangsta pretentiousness, is exactly what we’ve come to expect and love from Drake.