Album: Trill OG
Best line: "I swear these women living like they tryna write a book after/But I’m just trying to keep it G for my chapter."
Complex says: Pimp C once warned, “You need to stop treating these bitches like ladies/And these nice ladies like hoes.” Drake may not be the reincarnation of Chad Butler he sometimes fancies himself as, but here he is getting down with the Trill OG Bun B to churn out an ode to the good life of a rapper with a million copies shipped and gone. While Pimp C was more likely to kick the bitch out of his car in the middle of the highway, we assume Drake deals with nicer ladies since he takes a gentleman's approach and personally sees his girls to the door and tips the driver as he sends her on her way out. But with all these chicks writing tell-all books lately, who can blame him for a little chivalry?