Album: Finally Famous Vol. 3: B.I.G.
Best line: "The game ain't always fair and that's the thing though/You can play your heart out, everyone don’t get a ring though."
Complex says: Drake is like the popular guy in high school who isn't a dick to everyone else even though he can get away with it. This mixtape track is Drake, the dude who went straight to varsity, shooting hoops with his friend who's skilled, but still stuck on JV (read: Big Sean). Analogy overload doesn't even feel obnoxious because their verses are so similar in content, but Drake really outshines his peer in the "cool-guy rapper talk" department. Surprisingly, the Supa Dupa Flow, more recently re-branded as #HashtagRap, isn't used by either rapper on the song. Instead, Drake opts for a "low-key Peter Parker flow," whatever that means. It sounds awesome, though. This is pre-Thank Me Later, "I got rich and famous quick as fuck and I'm fucking your girl" Drake, and there's something neat about hearing boasts from this guy as opposed to the Drake your grandmother knows about.