If you're reading these words then you've undoubtedly noticed the bizarre artwork above them. No, the artwork above is not commentary on some controversial topic like evolution or race or even the endangered silverback gorilla. It's actually the artwork to Sheek Louch's new album which drops tomorrow, Donnie G: Don Gorilla. We're not even going to attempt to guess why Sheek thought it was a good idea for his album cover to be half-man and half-gorilla (although Sheek did say his alternative cover was a gorilla arm with a bunch of monkeys kissing it [yes, really]), but we sure went apeshit laughing at it. The controversial cover art got us thinking, are there any other split-faced album covers as awful as Sheek's? In our opinion, no. But some of these sure come close! That's why we put together Harvey Dented: 6 Terrible Two-Faced Album Covers.