Ski: "That was my song! It was a song I was working on for my album at the time. It was me and Suede from Camp Lo rapping on it. I was happy about the song so I ran up in Dame’s house and Jay was there. I played it for them and they got the mad frown face, bopping they head, like, 'This is dope!'

Then Jay was like, 'You know you gotta give me that song right?' I was like, 'What do you mean? I just did this song!' He was like, 'Come on B, I need that for my album. You know we’re working on this album. Give me that beat, I want that hook too.' He took the beat, the hook, and the flow too! Which was cool, it wasn’t like he didn't ask me for it. He didn’t jack it. He told me he was going to do it.

"The thing with Mecca [was] she sung the hook. She got paid for singing, obviously. But I wrote the hook for the song. I guess the people that she was dealing with got in her ear and made her think she wrote the song and that she deserved all the publishing and that burned the bridge for what we was doing. They definitely wanted to work with her but it never got that far."