What: Glastonbury Festival 2008
Where: Worthy Farm, UK
Complex says: Before even taking the stage at Glastonbury, there was controversy surrounding the fact that Jay-Z would be performing. Many people were upset that a hip-hop act was headlining the festival for the first time. Noel Gallagher of Oasis voiced his opposition to Jay by saying he didn't fit the bill because, "Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music." Of course, Noel Gallagher has a history of being a douchebag. So Jay's response was reminiscent of the time he got The Roots to play the "Oochie Wally" beat during the third verse to "Takeover": He hit the Glasto stage donning a guitar and mockingly performed a cover of Oasis' signature song, "Wonderwall," before rocking out with "99 Problems." Hey, Noel: stay in your LAAAAAAAANE!