Produced by: Peter Panic
"Slowly, surely, Jay's first album was being put together. I was in the studio when 'Regrets' was being recorded. The location was within the famed, hallowed, and now defunct D & D studios. Cramped up in a small room listening to Jay spit into the microphone, inside the vocal booth, what struck me as remarkable was how meticulous he was with his delivery. This was way before Jay was knocking out songs in one take. The very first line of the song 'I sold it all from crack to o-pium,' I swear, Jay must have taken at least an hour, maybe two working on how to pronounce the word 'opium.' No matter how many times he said it, he felt the delivery wasn't quite right. When I finally heard the finished product, the same 'opium' word kept sticking out, for how many times I heard him repeating it, and for how perfect it now sounded. Jay-Z was not playing around. 'Regrets' is one of my favorite Jay-Z songs of all time, because it's the first time you hear the depth of Hov's honesty with his past and how ill he shares it with the listener."