Capone: "We don’t even know how the album would have sounded if we was trying to be professional in the studio. The studio was a straight zoo. Every day. As long as my man Big Los was in the studio, it was a zoo because Los gets drunk and does some dumb shit. Every day was a movie. And that’s another day to remember, like the day he spilled Henny on the boards. 

"Big Los, he was like a mutual of ours. He was from Queensbridge and he was from Lefrak. He was well-known in my projects, and he was well-respected in Lefrak. It wasn’t like he was just my friend, he was Nore’s homeboy too. Like I had my own homies, and Nore had his own homies, and he was the one who was rooting for both of us. He was just a real drunk and crazy guy. 

"You know when you drinking, the number-one rule in the studio is don’t leave liquor on the board. If that shit spill on those big SSL mixing boards, they cost like $50,000 to fix. We was in Unique Studios and I think we was recording 'Black Gangsters' and he spilled [liquor]. I remember that night Los was drunk and he was wilding out, we was calling him a 'Black Gangster.' We didn’t have to pay totally but they was definitely beasting. The label had to give up a couple dollars, but not no $50,000 or nothing. But at the end of the day they made it that with Capone-N-Noreaga, there’s no drinking or smoking when we record. Obviously, we didn’t stay there long."