Jay-Z "Dig A Hole" (2006)

LYRIC: "You selling little tools, only time you went plat/My chain was on your neck, that's an actual fact/So I’m prayin’ that it spills outside of the booth, that’s when y’all niggas outside of your truth/Outside of your league, that’s not what you do/Niggas throwing Roc signs outside of your Coupe/Don’t look at Hov like he done something wrong to ’em/Cause he’s on to 'em? He just took what belonged to him”
SHOTS FIRED? YES. The Diplomats were a constant thorn in Jay's side ever since they "took over" the Roc in 2002; he mostly ignored the Dips' constant insolence until this record. Jay's first (semi-)direct shot at the crew is on this song.