Just as rap fans once argued all day about who the best MC was, Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas, fans have already begun comparing two of today's hottest new rappers, Drake and J. Cole. Drizzy even theorized to us that Cole was like Nas and he himself was Hov. So it's only fair, now that both have experienced a rapper rite of passage by spittin' bars with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97, that we see who shined more. Cast your vote below, and tell us Who Did It Better?


Date: 4/16/09

Beats Rhymed Over:"You, Me, Him, And Her" and "Incarcerated Scarfaces"

Best Line: "I say I'm at these girls' neck and head/You and your girl sleep in separate beds."

Bombs Dropped: 18

Most Awkward Moment: After murderin' shit with rhymes that came straight from his blackberry (no, literally), Drake is caught off guard when Flex throws on another beat and wants him to (gasp!) spit some more bars.


J. Cole

Date: 5/3/10

Beats Rhymed Over:"Ice Cream" and "Blow The Whistle"

Best Line: "Man, I'm damn near homeless how I'm picking up dimes."

Bombs Dropped: 10

Most Awkward Moment: Flex congratulates J. Cole, who's on Roc Nation/Columbia Records, for touchin' that Epic money—and then, when Cole corrects him, proceeds to ask, "Epic's finished?"

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