Left To Right (clockwise): Gucci Mane, Flo-Rida, Lindsay Lohan, Wale, Rick Ross

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We hope you enjoyed the weekend because it's back to the weekly grind. Luckily for you, we have a bunch of new music that should help out if you have a case of the Mondays. Gucci Mane and the rest of the Brick Squad dropped a new track, Flo-Rida and T-Pain are back at it, Lindsay Lohan is trying to stay relevant, and Rick Ross spits a verse that might wind up on Diddy's album. Stream and download these songs and more below...

SONG: "Dear Diary"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane f/ Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman
• Typical banger from the Brick Squad collective.

SONG: "Zoosk Girl"
ARTIST: Flo-Rida f/ T-Pain
• Last time these two got together, the song hit #1 and broke digital sales records. Can they do it again?

SONG: "Stuck"
ARTIST: Lindsay Lohan
• Honestly, this track isn't half-bad. Especially when you consider everything else on the radio. The girl could use success in something.

SONG: "Rude Boy"
• Wale rocks over the Rihanna single.

SONG: "Fountain Bleu"
ARTIST: Rick Ross
• The Diddy shout out leads some to believe this will end up on Last Train To Paris.

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