Left To Right: Young Dro, Chamillionaire, Tape Deck Mountain, Erick Sermon, Air

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It's that time again. Today's selections come in the form of a pop effort from one of Houston's best, zone out material from some California rockers, and a few more choice songs sure to keep your playlists on point. Start listening and downloading after the jump...

SONG: "D.O.A."
ARTIST: Young Dro
• Dro is a lot less concerned with killing Auto-Tune than listing off his gangster credentials and wardrobe preferences. Great. Look out for his R.I.P. mixtape sooner than later.

SONG: "Good Morning"
ARTIST: Chamillionaire
• The Houston rapper's next album doesn't even have a title yet, but this is supposed to be the first single. We like it but he'll need to come harder if he wants another "Ridin' Dirty."

SONG: "Ghost Colony"
ARTIST: Tape Deck Mountain
• We didn't discover this San Diego band until recently, but their music is hella relaxing. Fitting for the approaching Fall season. They're on our radar now.

SONG: "Cool"
ARTIST: Erick Sermon
• After a successful comeback earlier this decade, the Green-Eyed Bandit is looking to duplicate that success. This definitely has us interested in whatever he's doing next.

SONG: "Sing Sang Sung"
• The French electro-poppers just dropped the lead single for their sixth album, Love 2, out in October. It sounds a lot like their previous material, but that's always been good so we'll take it.

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