A new album called B Is For Bob hits stores today, described as a "collection of original Bob Marley songs re-imagined for kids and fans of all ages!" Re-imagined? To us, the legend's music is already family-friendly, except for maybe the references to greenery (which really, never hurt anyone).

For the PG-version, executive producer/son Ziggy Marley had to re-record certain tracks for the kiddies. He avoided including any weed-related songs altogether, but there were still a few lines that had to be changed or omitted to be parent-approved. Read on to hear the 5 remixed tracks that stood out the most and read our break down of what was changed...

SONG: "Bend Down Low"
ORIGINAL LYRICS: "Knock on, babe. Just won't let you in. You been livin' in sin. Knock on!"
REVISION: Not only does Ziggy bring in the kids to give the record a more wholesome appeal, but he also avoids Bob's disclosure that loose women can knock on his door all night, but they won't be let in. That's right kids, leave the hoes alone. At least during the week.

SONG: "Could You Be Loved"
ORIGINAL LYRICS: "So go to hell if what you're thinking is not right!"
REVISION: As expected, "hell" gets awkwardly blanked out from this line. Come on Ziggy. They say "bitch" on network TV now. Do you really want our youth to be future kufi-category members who can't respond to taunts with a good swear word or two?

SONG: "Satisfy My Soul"
ORIGINAL LYRICS: "When I meet you around the corner you make me feel like a sweepstake winner."
REVISION: Like many great artists, Marley sometimes contradicted himself. After dissing promiscuous women, he would sing about the joys of prostitutes. Ziggy wasn't having it though and omits the lyrics completely.

SONG: "Small Axe"
ORIGINAL LYRICS: "If you are the big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down."
REVISION: Bob made these lyrics sound seriously gully on the original version. Well, not exactly, but he definitely didn't have annoying child laughter in the background to tone down the seemingly violent themes. The kids are going to see tons of shit getting blown up when they see Transformers this weekend, anyway. Let the track breathe.

SONG: "Stir It Up"
ORIGINAL LYRICS: "I'll push the wood, then I'll blaze your fire; then I'll satisfy your heart's desire. I stir it every every minute. All you got to do, baby, is keep it in, eh!"
REVISION: Whoa Marley! Are we the only ones that never noticed how dirty this song is? Naturally, the entire verse was omitted. We don't need anymore kids getting pregnant, didn't you see what happened to Bristol and Levi?

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