ARTIST: DJ Quik & Kurupt


SOUNDS LIKE: Wife-beaters, BBQs, bad traffic, and mean-mugging. And purple weed.

FUN FACT: Quik's only platinum album was his debut, Quik is the Name.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Everybody's been marveling this week about "D.O.A." and how Jay-Z still got it, but people should be paying closer attention to two L.A. veterans who've quietly created an incredible collabo project. Instead of losing a step in old(er) age, Quik and Kurupt sound invigorated throughout the album, which represents everything we love about West Coast rap. Kurupt, who's always been underappreciated as a lyricist, has free rein on BlaQKout to, uh, blackout on classically fonky Quik production. It feels like a stripped-down, old-school rap project—the work of two dudes who don't give a fuck about anything but producing ill beats and rhymes. The single "9X Outta 10" and "Do You Know" are standouts, but pretty much every track on here bangs like Kapri Styles. You already know.

Check out the the "9X Outta 10" video below...

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