the_dream-love_and_money_album_cover_240.jpgARTIST: The-Dream

ALBUM: Love vs Money

SOUNDS LIKE: R. Kelly x Timbaland. Or, just like The-Dream's Love/Hate

FUN FACT: In his spare time, The-Dream likes to paint and sculpt. Some of his work has been featured in galleries around Atlanta.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: No one thought the pudgy dude behind Rihanna's career defining hit, "Umbrella," would be able to sustain a solo career, but in the two years since The-Dream dropped his debut album, Love/Hate, the Radio Killa has gone on to do just that...

You can't turn on the radio without hearing something penned by the Atlanta, Georgia native. For his second go 'round, The-Dream, and his production partners Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Carlos "L.O.S. da Maestro" McKinney continue where they left off with even crazier song structures, more spaced-out, swirling synth backed tracks, songs seamlessly blending into each other and sparse ballads'this time more thoughtful'and, of course, those funny ass lines that only The-Dream (or R. Kelly) could sing: "Now if they ask you can I sing like Usher, say no/But I can make you sing like Mariah" or "Girl, call Latisha, your beautician/Cause your hair is gon' need fixin'." Oh yeah, and then there are the hooks. No one in pop music today can craft a better or catchier hook than The-Dream and he proves it on Love vs Money. R. Kelly used to ask what R&B would be without the R; we'd say it's whatever the Radio Killa says it is.


"Sweat It Out"

"Love vs Money"

"Walking on the Moon" Feat. Kanye West