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Three Texas women involved in a fight with a New York City hostess are claiming that racial slurs were used against them, NBC News reports.

The altercation at Carmine’s Italian, which was previously reported to be over a vaccine-related dispute, involved one hostess and customers Kaeita Rankin, 44, her niece Tyonnie Rankin, 21, and a friend, Sally Lewis, 49.

Attorneys for the women and a spokesperson for the restaurant shared that all three women showed proof of vaccination and sat down before the dispute began. However, the restaurant’s spokesperson says that three men who joined them later failed to provide proof of vaccination, which is required to dine indoors in NYC. The women’s attorneys claim that the three men had their cards, but two lacked additional ID needed. 

The six customers were then ready to leave when a manager decided to allow them to dine, Rankin’s lawyer, Justin Moore, and lawyer Javier Solano, who represents all three women, shared. They say a hostess then used a racial slur.