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An instance of car sex, though never truly a private matter, is perhaps becoming more public than the involved parties would have initially anticipated due to a high-dollar lawsuit.

A woman, identified only as M.O., is seeking $1 million from GEICO in connection with allegedly contracting HPV in a vehicle said to have been insured by the company. A countersuit has also been triggered, with the company pointing out that the woman (and a man identified only as M.B.) had previously entered into an agreement to settle M.O.’s claim and limit M.B.’s liability. This agreement, which the company said they were not made aware of, resulted in M.O. being free to pursue recovery from GEICO.

In court documents filed on Oct. 4 and viewed by Complex, GEICO sought a declaratory judgment to determine the company’s rights and obligations for its insured having allegedly spread anogenital human papillomavirus (HPV) to the woman. Filings in the case claim that M.O. and M.B. initiated a sexual relationship in late 2017 during which they had unprotected sex in the latter’s 2014 Hyundai Genesis.