A Wisconsin woman was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault after she allegedly severed a man’s head while high during sex, New York Post reports

The shocking discovery was made by the 25-year-old victim’s mother in the early morning hours of Feb. 23 after she was awakened by the sound of a door slamming. She went downstairs towards a light that had been left on in the basement, and found her son’s head, along with a “male organ” in a bucket. An upper torso was located in a separate storage container. Dried blood was spotted on a nearby mattress, and several knives were retrieved.

“Additional human body parts including legs” were found inside her van during a search.  

Taylor Schabusiness, 24, was questioned by police about what occurred on the night in question, and she responded, “That is a good question.” Schabusiness recalled smoking meth with the victim before going to his mother’s house. While the two were using chains during sex, she said she blacked out at one point, and then went “crazy.”

Schabusiness said she starting choking him, and even though she claimed to not intentionally want to kill him, she admittedly enjoyed the act. According to the complaint, she said that “police were going to have fun trying to find all of the organs as she dismembered the body.” Schabusiness also reportedly “stated all of the body parts should be in the basement.” 

The complaint continued, “Schabusiness stated she used knives that she obtained from the kitchen of the residence and that a bread knife worked the best because of the serrated blade.” She confessed that her objective was to take all of his body parts with her, but she “got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van and she forgot the head.” 

Her bond has been set for $2 million, with her next court appearance scheduled for later this month.