A concerned mother in Georgia is speaking out after an incident involving a white neighbor who attacked her son.

As Latika Sim of Carroll County explained in an interview with regional NBC affiliate 11Alive, the man in question—who’s since been identified as 29-year-old Matthew Martel—lives in her neighborhood. At the time of the incident, Latika said, her 15-year-old son was outside playing basketball with his cousins in the Villa Rica area when Martel started running toward him.

“I was just panicked,” Latika said. “I was just, like, in 2021 I could not believe that a fully grown man would think that it was okay to come outside with a belt. When you see the video, he’s running full speed at my son and my son is caught off guard.”

Home security footage captured the incident. In video included in Monday’s report, Martel is seen holding a belt. Per a police report cited by 11Alive, the man told police he was “upset” over the children’s use of so-called profanity.