A crowd of people who are apparently hell-bent on the pandemic lasting as close to forever as possible were filmed harassing and threatening officials in Tennessee on Tuesday night.

The Williamson County Schools Board of Education voted the same day to require masks for elementary students, staff, and others when inside or on a bus. The vote, as Anika Exum and Brinley Hineman reported for the Nashville-based paper the Tennessean, was preceded by a four-hour meeting interrupted on multiple occasions by anti-maskers. One individual, per the report, was escorted out of the meeting by local deputies.

The mandate begins Thursday and allows for elementary teachers to take off their masks if they are more than six feet away from students. For now, the temporary mandate is slated to end Sept. 21 unless a future board meeting decides otherwise.

Following the meeting, a crowd of presumed parents—though some have since questioned if the harassers’ children even attend public school—were seen aggressively getting in the face of health officials and other attendees, including some doctors and nurses.