More unvaccinated people say they think vaccines pose a greater threat than COVID itself, according to findings from a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

As Yahoo News puts it, the opinion “contradicts all available science and data,” as the Delta continues to grow in the U.S. The poll surveyed 1,715 U.S. adults between July 13 and 15, and found that only 29 percent of unvaccinated Americans think the virus is more dangerous than vaccinations. Another 34% say they were not sure which could be more dangerous. 

Over 600,000 Americans have died from COVID since the pandemic began, making up a large part of the 4.1 million people who have died worldwide. As Yahoo reports, 2 billion people have been at least partially vaccinated across the globe, with 186 million of those residing in the U.S. 

But as the poll shows, 51% of unvaccinated adults in the U.S. say they will “never” get vaccinated, while another 20% are waiting to “see what happens to others before deciding.” That number may be surprising, as COVID cases in the country have surged 140% in just two weeks due to the Delta variant. The poll found that most vaccinated Americans see the Delta variant as a danger, and while half of unvaccinated Americans think it poses “a serious risk,” the other half are either unsure or think it isn’t a “serious risk.”