A 29-year-old TikTok star has pleaded not guilty after allegedly fatally shooting his wife and a man she was with in San Diego, California.

Ali Abulaban and his 28-year-old wife Ana were recently estranged; she asked him to move out of their high-rise apartment on Oct. 18 and he checked into a hotel. CBS News reports he made a copy of their apartment key and later re-entered to trash the place and secretly install a listening device on their 5-year-old daughter’s iPad.

Security camera footage shows Abulaban running out of the elevator and into Ana’s apartment on Oct. 21 after hearing Ana and 29-year-old Rayburn Cadenas Barron talking and laughing together via the app. After shooting them both just before 3 p.m., Ali picked up his daughter from school with the weapon in the car.

During his arraignment, Abulaban pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and special-circumstance allegations of multiple killings. If convicted, prosecutors have the option to seek the death penalty, according to the Los Angeles Times.