Released: 1987
Fun Fact: There are two characters in the game with the word “Konami” in their name, a reference to the game's developer.
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The Goonies II is a sequel to a platformer titled The Goonies that was only playable in coin-op Nintendo Vs. or PlayChoice-10 machines, which offered a selection of NES games to play in arcades. Because many NES players never saw The Goonies in these arcade machines, they often erroneously interpreted The Goonies II as an intended sequel to the film.

The Goonies II does have platforming elements like the preceding game, but also had a first-person room-navigation mode with text commands like Zork. This combination could be very jarring. The Goonies II also suffered from very poor localization and to add to the weirdness the story involved rescuing a mermaid named Annie, which felt extremely random in the context of the film which was all most players had to go on.

The Goonies II is a cult classic among NES games, and therefore holds a special place in the annals of the system.