Released: 1988
Fun Fact: Male model Fabio posed for the IronSword box art.
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IronSword was a great example of how to do sequels right: leave the good stuff alone and just add some more. The player's goal was to find and assemble the four pieces of the titular IronSword, which were spread throughout a game world much larger than that of Wizards & Warriors.

The game was split into four elemental domains, each of which required the player to find an artifact and a magic spell, and then defeat the Elemental who ruled over that realm. IronSword introduced shops where players could purchase gear and participate in a gambling mini-game.

The basic mechanics still revolved around the same platforming and combat as in Wizards & Warriors, but the improvements to visuals, animations and sound made IronSword the best game of the Wizards & Warriors trilogy.