Released: 1989
Fun Fact: A hidden feature in the game enabled the purchase of female baseball players for team rosters.
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Baseball Stars may be the best baseball game developed for the NES. It was one of the first sports games to have battery saves, which allowed players to create teams and virtual players, set up leagues for their teams to play in, and store statistics.

There was no depth to pitching and hitting, rather it was strictly about swinging the bat at just the right time. The fielders were much more realistic than in other baseball games, however, which more than made up for this.

Players could earn money by winning games, which could then be spent on upgrading players or purchasing new ones. The better a team did, the more people attended their games, and the more money the player would earn. The presentation of facts, figures and stats appealed to the nature of real-life baseball fandom, and surely had much to do with how popular Baseball Stars became.