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Police say an Indiana mother, 34-year-old Thessalonica Allen, shot her husband, chopped up his corpse, and then had her two children assist in putting his body into bags before cleaning the crime scene, WCAX reports.

As a result of this series of alleged crimes, Allen is facing charges for: murder, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, abuse of a corpse, altering the scene of death, interference with the reporting of a crime, and two counts of neglect of a dependent – places dependent in situation that endangers the dependent.

She’s accused of shooting her husband, Randy Allen, inside a LaPorte, Indiana apartment on Tuesday, July 27.

Her two kids who were also at the apartment at the time say that they heard a loud bang before seeing Randy on the ground. He reportedly asked them to call ‘911,’ but their mom said not to. They later told police that the two were arguing after Randy confronted Thessalonica over a website she visited.

Following an autopsy that discovered a bullet that entered around Randy’s spinal area, doctors came to the conclusion that he couldn’t move and probably bled to death. 

It’s alleged that Thessalonica then put the body in her daughter’s closet, according to WCAX 3. 

ABC 57 says that she contacted an ex to come to the apartment because her husband was harming the kids. When the ex arrived she reportedly showed him the body in the closet and asked for help moving it. The ex refused to do this and, after driving him to a destination he asked to be taken to, she threw a gun out the window that the ex kept. The ex then called ‘911’.

Police say Thessalonica later woke up her kids in the middle of the night to ask for their help in carrying the body to the car, but that multiple attempts failed because the body was too heavy. A day later she allegedly took an ax and chopped off Randy’s legs, then had her kids help put his body in a bag and clean up the crime scene. Investigators say she intended to put the body in a car before lighting it on fire. 

A police search of the apartment reportedly turned up handwritten to-do lists detailing highly illegal plots that presumably involve Randy being the victim. 

One of those notes said:

  1. Get drugs from friend
  2. Get ziplock bags
  3. When Randy is in shower, get pawn tickets out of wallet
  4. Put gun/drugs in car under seat while in car
  5. Call Hearthside and tell them Rand had drugs and gun in car

A second said:

  1. Spray [expletive deleted] in face, hit him in right knee w/hammer
  2. Hit w/hammer/stab him
  3. Roll body up in sheets & plastic bags
  4. Pick up Jay no phones, Jay follows me to LP, put body in Lincoln w/his Boost phone leave Jay car here
  5. Take my keys and his car key off the ring

And a third said:

Go to SB, Jay follow me back to LaPorte put body in Lincoln, Drive to SB, leave body in car while running, Jay brings me back to LP. While doing this be on “compt” doing ATI.

Thessalonica told police that the shooting came after her husband choked and attacked her. When police were able to locate her outside a hardware store she reportedly started to cry and said “You guys don’t understand he beats me.” 

She will appear in court on Friday morning for an initial hearing.