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Staring today, ‘za enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area and Edmonton will be able to order from Pizza Hut’s plant-based protein menu.

The pizza chain introduced Beyond Meat’s meat-free sausage to its U.S. menu last November, becoming the first major pizza chain to launch plant-based toppings nationwide. It’s now testing the product in the Canadian market. The main source of protein in Beyond’s meatless sausage is peas, rather than animals.

The three new options on offer include The Great Beyond, a pizza topped with Beyond Italian Sausage Crumble, red onions, and banana peppers; Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo Loaded Flatbread, a flatbread topped with Beyond Italian Sausage Crumble, roasted red pepper, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella; and Beyond Creamy Alfredo, a pasta alfredo dish layered with Beyond Italian Sausage Crumble, onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella.

Image via Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut says you can also add Beyond Italian Sausage as a topping to any existing pizza offerings.

“As Canadians continue to seek convenient ways to incorporate more plant-based protein in their lives, we are excited to partner with Beyond Meat, a leader in plant-based protein, to bring consumers expanded choice across our menus,” said Devon Lawrence, marketing manager of Pizza Hut Canada. “The new Beyond Meat menu items taste incredible and deliver on the iconic Pizza Hut flavor that our fans know and love.”

The announcement is part of a larger global partnership between Beyond Meat and Yum! Brands, Pizza Hut’s parent company. In 2019, KFC, Pizza Hut’s sister company, linked up with Beyond Meat to become the first plant-based meat player in the chicken game.

To encourage Canadians to hop aboard the meat-free wagon, Pizza Hut’s offering a BOGO promo on all pizzas until June 6, so you can try the Great Beyond for free by entering coupon code 879 at online checkout. Big day for pizza heads.