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A crowd of protestors gathered at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday in support of the more than 600 people charged in connection with the storming of Congress on Jan. 6. And calling it a “crowd” is being generous. 

Although law enforcement was concerned about potential violence on Capitol Hill, the far-right rally was instead highlighted by its poor showing. According to NBC Washington, about an hour into the demonstration, only a few dozen or so people had showed up. By the time the rally concluded around 2 p.m., Capitol Police estimated that there were about 300 to 350 people total in attendance, which was far fewer than the 700 people organizers had expected for the event, which was being touted as being potentially volatile by various media. 

“It is kind of sad, the small amount of people,” Casey Crawford, a 29 year-old who came from Alaska to attend the rally, told local news station WAMU. “I’m glad that there was a turnout but I think that a lot of people were scared away, saying it was gonna be a false flag.”

With a heavy security presence, police reported just four arrests, including an unidentified man who allegedly had a gun and who was charged with unlawful activities. 

Becuase people love dunking on anyone who supports or aligns themselves with the events of January 6, reactions to the sparse crows were pentiful. Check out some of the more notable ones below.