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The Wisconsin woman who was convicted of stabbing her classmates to please the fictional character Slender Man in 2014 will be released via Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren’s orders.

According to AP, 19-year-old Anissa Weier was convicted in 2017 after she and friend Morgan Geyser stabbed classmate Payton Leutner multiple times in Waukesha Park in May 2014. All three girls were 12 at the time of the events. Bohren initially sentenced Weier to 25 years in Winnebago Mental Health Institute in December 2017, while Geyser is currently serving a maximum 40-year sentence at a mental health facility as well.

This case inspired several different documentaries and films surrounding how Weier’s belief in Slender Man got to the extent that it did. Slender Man began as a meme that was created back in 2009, and eventually grew to have its own computer game. It lived on the interwebs as an urban legend about a man with no face, dressed in a suit who could abduct people with tentacles if they saw him.

Weier and Geysey believed this myth as children in 2014, and stabbed Payton Leutner because of it. Leutner survived her wounds, and now Weier claims that the mental health facility she has been in has exhausted all practices and that she is ready to rejoin society.

Judge Bohren ordered the state to prepare a release plan for Weier within 60 days and she will remain in a mental health facility until then. A hearing is currently set for Sept. 20.