The number one complaint I hear from girl friends in our post-date analyses is that they aren’t sure whether it was actually a date or not. It’s an unfortunate phenomena I’ve experienced myself: A guy asks if you want to ‘hang,’ and you either end up awkwardly fifth wheeling in a group of his friends, texting each other endlessly without meeting, or getting such mixed signals that you’re convinced he really just wants to be buds. I get it. Trying to keep your would-be date low-key seems like a good way to minimize the risks of embarrassment in the case of a rejection. But this tactic actually just makes your crush unsure about whether you want to date her or not. And think about it this way: Isn’t it better to know right away whether a girl is interested in you romantically? Unclear intentions really just prolong the inevitable, and create a lot more pain when the truth is revealed. Approach her with a confident “I’d like to take you out” over an apathetic “Wanna hang sometime?” You’ll avoid a lot of guessing games on both sides.