If you saw Conor McGregor behind bars recently, you’re certainly mistaken. 

A McGregor lookalike was just sentenced to nearly three years in prison after pretending to be the MMA fighter in order to sell drugs.

Mark Nye, a 34-year-old from England, was stopped by police in February after trying to dump illegal narcotics and two cellphones, according to the Irish Post. Nye then told the police in Surrey that his name was Conor, before they found hundreds of “McGregor Enterprise” cards inside his car.

The cards, which said Nye had the “best drops in Surrey,” were being used to boost his drug-dealing gig, as hundreds of text messages on his phone reportedly revealed he was selling. Police later found a chemical used to cut narcotics in his home. 

On April 9, the fake Conor was sentenced to nearly three years, pleading guilty to possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply, in Guildford Crown Court.

As for the real McGregor, he was called out earlier this month by fellow fighter Dustin Poirier for allegedly not holding up his end of a bet and donating $500,000 to Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation. McGregor claimed it was a “donation, not a debt” and that his team has been “awaiting the plans for the money that never came.” The two will square up again on July 10.