While Wall Street lost big on GameStop stock, some retail investors cashed in, including a 20-year-old college student who decided to donate video games and consoles to a children’s hospital.

CNN reports that after making almost $30,000, Hunter Kahn—a mechanical engineering student at Cornell University—gifted Nintendo Switches and games to Children’s Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis. He gave the hospital six Nintendo Switch Lites, multiple games and e-shop gift cards, and screen protectors and cases.

“As a beneficiary of the recent events on Wall Street I think it is important that myself and others pay forward our good fortune,” Kahn wrote on Instagram. “These events have highlighted a lot of corruption and with this transfer of power it is important that we don't become men in suits ourselves.”

A native of Stillwater, Minnesota, Khan decided to purchase GameStop stock to help show that “the big boys on Wall Street” were wrong, according to the outlet. He also said helping kids at the hospital made him feel better than cashing out.

“We're so grateful for this generous donation that will help bring joy to kids at our hospitals, especially during these challenging times,” Jennifer Soderholm, president of Children's Minnesota Foundation, told CNN. “It's inspiring to see young people in our community choosing to give back and pay it forward.”

Patients are already playing the games. “There's no group of people more deserving of receiving a bunch of video games than some kids going through a hard time,” Kahn told CNN. “If we're criticizing these people on Wall Street and moving the money from one side to the other side, it would be meaningless if we behave exactly like these people that we were criticizing.”

Hunter still has his original 50 shares in his possession, which he bought at $30. He said he wants to use the rest of the money to help pay his college tuition.