Newly released bodycam footage shows Arkansas police arresting the Tyson Foods executive who last week broke into a stranger’s home and fell asleep in their bed.

On Nov. 7, Tyson CFO John Tyson was arrested after being discovered passed out drunk in a stranger’s house. “A college-age female was very alarmed that a male who she did not know was inside of her residence uninvited,” police said. Tyson was booked into the Washington County jail and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

On Friday, ABC 40/29 obtained bodycam footage from the Fayetteville Police Department. The 30-minute video shows authorities attempting to wake up Tyson, who’s snuggled beneath the comforter in his underwear. 

“John, I need you to wake up and talk to me before I drag you out of here butt naked,” a police officer says in the footage.

Tyson then sits up, while trying to pull the sheets back over him, as he tells the officers that he’s going back to sleep.

“No you’re not, you’re going to jail. You’re in the wrong house,” an officer replies.“The girl who lives here doesn’t know you. Came home to find you asleep in her bed.”

Tyson apologized to investors during a quarterly earnings call this week. “I’m sure you have seen the news about the recent incident involving me,” he said. “I’m embarrassed, and I want to let you know that I take full responsibility for my actions.”

“This was an incident inconsistent with our company values as well as my personal values. I just wanted you guys to hear this directly from me and that I’m committed to making sure this never happens again.”

Tyson Foods’ CEO Donnie King said that company’s board is going to oversee an independent and “thorough review” of this matter.