22-year-old rapper Christian ‘Big Bhris’ Eppinger, who is believed to be a member of Bloods gang Young Slime Life, has been arrested for the attempted murder of an Atlanta police officer, 11 Alive reports.

The aspiring rapper and suspected gang member was arrested this week in connection with the shooting of officer David Rodger. According to the Atlanta police, Rodger was shot six times; four times in the shoulder, once in the knee, and once to the side of his head. He is currently getting treatment for his injuries at a local hospital.

During a court appearance on Tuesday, Eppinger was denied bond by a judge and was ruled a likely re-offender. Police warrants reveal that he was wanted for an alleged robbery back in October, during which he was said to make off with a Role watch, iPhone, Gucci wallet, and diamond earrings. Police said he boasted about the crime on social media. When authorities attempted to arrest him on Monday this week, he took out a weapon and shot Rodger multiple times before he was later arrested.

Per the Atlanta Police department, the Young Slime Life gang has a reputation for “ruthless pedestrian and home invasion style robberies” and “drive-by shootings resulting in death and serious injury.” They allegedly also “sell and possess illegal narcotics ranging from marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and liquid promethazine/codeine cough syrup.” 

The arrest warrants highlighted his career as a rapper, noting his Big Bhris YouTube account has two music videos. “Numerous videos featuring ‘Big Bhris’ have been posted on YouTube of which Mr. Eppinger and other documented YSL gang members wearing YSL clothing can be observed displaying firearms and throwing up YSL gang hand signs pledging their allegiance to the gang and taunting rival gang members,” the warrant reads.