As the infrastructures of many Texas homes crumble by-the-minute, President Biden has now declared the state to be a major disaster area.

According to CNBC, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced on Saturday that Texas is now in major disaster territory after a brutal winter storm caused mass power outages, water shortages, and pipes to explode because they weren’t built to handle these types of weather conditions.  

After the declaration, Texans are now able to access federal funding for certain individuals, temporary housing for those who cannot stay in their homes, and temporary home repairs and low-cost loans. It’s being reported that more than 14 million Texans were told to boil their water on Friday because experts think the state's water supply might be contaminated. 

The federal government has also approved emergency declarations for Oklahoma and Louisiana. It sent supplies like generators, blankets, water, and meals to Texas last week. President Biden also plans to visit Texas next week to help better inform his decision on disaster response going forward in the state.

While the federal government has finally stepped in to assist Texas in a serious way, there are also ways that individuals can help the state. Here is a list of several different organizations that you can donate to, and supplies that Texans need immediately.