If you haven't heard of Keith McCurdy, also known as “Bang Bang,” you've probably seen his work on some celebrity or another. He's the artist behind the “Shhh...” on Rihanna's finger, the “love yer brain” on Miley Cyrus' arm, and many more famous tats. 

Perhaps the most striking property of McCurdy’s work is its realism. Flowers, animals, and other figures pop off his clients' skin, so it wasn't surprising to learn that he finds inspiration from photographs. Sometimes people bring photos to his studio, although the final product usually comes out different. 

"If it looks impossible to tattoo, I probably want to do it," he said, recalling a recent arm he covered in New York City architecture. Other favorite tattoos he’s given include Rihanna's gun and Cara Delevingne's lion. He's also tattooed—and been tattooed by—Kylie Jenner. "She was actually really good. I was surprised," he said. His leg now sports Kylie's signature “K” with a crown to represent her nickname (King Kylie).