A video has surfaced of two arsonists setting themselves on fire while attempting to burn down an immigration services business in California.

Fox 11, which obtained footage of the fire taken from a Ring security camera, reports the incident took place on Monday morning at Servicio De Inmigración in Bakersfield. The company provides immigration and naturalization services. 

As seen in the above surveillance footage, two unidentified masked individuals approach the business and begin dousing the building with what appears to be gasoline or some kind of other lighter fluid. When one of the suspects attempts to ignite the fluid, a fire immediately engulfs both men. The pair are seen running away with flames trailing in their wake.

Kern County Fire Department Captain Andrew Freeman, who responded to the fire, told KBAK that both suspects have not yet been caught. “The footage is quite dramatic, and we hope that these individuals are identified quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, the business owner, Max Solorzano, told Fox 11 the city needs to hold itself accountable for failing to protect its small businesses. 

“They have to work harder in that aspect, in keeping the community safe,” he said. “We are a small business and we help many people, so there will be people who will not be able to receive our services due to inactivity.”

The business has created a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the damages. They’ve raised $13,860 of a $15,000 goal.