Adult Film Stars Detail Their Weirdest Scenes Ever in Latest 'Ask a Porn Star'

Sometimes things get weird on a porn set. Allow these adult film stars to explain.

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Forget about all those recent Emmy winners. The real must-see series isn't on basic-ass TV or even Netflix. Nah. It's on Wood Rocket, and it's called "Ask a Porn Star," i.e. the conversational docuseries that tackles all of society's most pressing concerns with the sort of reverence we've now come to expect from the Wood Rocket brand. For their latest round of filmed inquiries, an impressive roster of notable adult film stars gathered to discuss the weirdest porn scenes they've ever done.

Depending on the versatility of one's career, such a question can prove difficult to answer. "The weirdest porn scene I've been in is such a hard question for me because I've done a lot of weird shit," Cadence Lux (That Pee Girl) said before zeroing in on a vivid memory of filmed flatulence. "I've done, like, farting clips before. I took the little fish tank pump things, like the little tubes, and put it in my butthole and pumped air up and pushed farts out. So that was kinda weird. Right?" Right!

For Neighborhood Swingers 14 star Kenzie Taylor, simply being in the general vicinity of balls getting busted is always a memorable experience. "It was femdom work that I was doing in New York, and it was ball-busting," Taylor remembered. "There was a slave who, he actually enjoys it and he does this all the time, but I have never seen anyone in my life get kicked in the balls over 50 times with spikes on the heels and I mean just directly in the nuts."

So that's the weirdest porn scenes. But what about the grossest? We got you:

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