Sit Any Damn Place You Please With This Wearable Chair

The Chairless Chair is real. What will they think of next? Carless cars? Jobless jobs? Loveless love?

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Rare good news alert: Not only will we soon be able to drunkenly (and safely) get drive-thru Taco Bell service while crying to "Lover's Spit" in the back of a Lyft, we'll also be able to ditch that ancient idea of reclining in a chair that's not literally attached to your body.

That's right. A wearable chair, formally known (clunkily enough) as the "Chairless Chair," is a real thing that actually exists and is currently in production. According to Business Insider, the Chairless Chair consists of a wearable brace that locks into place with the simple push of a button. Once locked, people we will later blame for killing the chair industry can rest on this Chairless Chair just like, you know, a chair. The device is connected to someone who will totally not look weird walking around the office via waist, shoulder, and shoe straps.

The chair that isn't a chair is customizable for multiple sizes and outfit varieties, with each leg mechanism said to be capable of holding up to 220 pounds each. Though the Chairless Chair was invented by Noonee AG's Keith Gunura, designed by the Sapetti Studio team, and built by Zühlke Group, anyone with a keen sense of crucial moments in pop culture history have the names Michael Scott and Pierce Hawthorne bouncing around their heads right now.

Noonee AG did not immediately respond to Complex's request for additional comment regarding the Chairless Chair's release date and projected price, so—for now—boring, non-wearable chairs will have to suffice.

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